Building mental and physical health and wellbeing for better academic performance.

Educators know that healthy students learn better and perform better. Research has backed this up, and has demonstrated that by making small improvements in the physical and mental health, students, teachers and academic leaders can significantly improve achievement, health and ultimately on human potential.

However, we are faced with tremendous health challenges that affect people of all ages. 20% of our population accessed the medical system last year because of a mental health related issue. 70% of the diseases in the developed world are caused by stress. 58% of the Canadian population are overweight or obese. The World Health Organization identified physical inactivity as the #1 health challenge for people in all parts of the world except Africa. These health issues are particularly relevant in schools and present challenges for faculty, staff and students alike.

In this powerful program, participants learn simple, scientific strategies to sleep soundly, eat smarter, move more and think clearly which can help to dramatically improve health and enhance learning. Drawing on scientific research and practical experience, The Wells Group team shows students, teachers and leaders how they can perform to their potential.

Academic Health and Wellbeing Program participants learn how to:

•    Get in a high performance zone and stay there
•    Eat smarter to improve concentration and mental performance
•    Move strategically to enhance learning and creativity
•    Think clearly to improve creativity, problem solving and memory
•    Perform better by recovering and regenerating after periods of stress

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