Let's use the act-think-feel technique to re-create your flow state on demand, anytime you want, rather than just having it “happen”.

Think about the last time you performed really well at something. What were you doing before that moment? What were your actions? Were you stretching? Did you have a good breakfast? Figure out what you were doing.

Now you need to figure out what you were thinking. Were you listening to a podcast or music? Did you tell yourself what you were going to do? Remember what you were thinking. What mindset did you have?

Finally, remember what you were feeling. What were your emotions? Were you angry? Excited? Motivated? Happy?

Confidentiality statement

We will respect your privacy. Only members of the Wells Group Team will have access to the data. No information that you provide will be given to anyone outside The Wells Group or be published without your permission, unless required by law. For example, if you have an illness that could spread to others, if you talk about suicide, or if the court orders us to give them the questionnaire data.

The data obtained from this questionnaire will be stored in a secure, encrypted location. Published program results will not reveal your identity but will report group mean and other group statistical data only.

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