Adam's Hotel Workout

If you don't want to hit the gym after a long travel day, here is a quick circuit workout you can do in the comforts of your hotel room.

Warm-Up: Before starting your workout, it's important to do a proper warm-up. The videos below will guide you through the exercises you should do.

Circuit Exercises: Check out these short instructional videos below on how to perform each exercise correctly.

1) Box Squats

2) Push-Ups

3) Split Squats

4) Dips

5) The "Y" Pose

6) Mountain Climbers

7) Wall Triangles

8) Side Plank

The Circuit: Now that you know how to perform each exercise properly, check out the video below on how to put these exercises together into a quick circuit.

Post Workout Stretching: Always make sure to stretch after your workout. Check out the video below on which stretches you should do.

You did it! You might find that it's very difficult the first time you go through it. If these exercises are new to you, try the easier versions of each exercise first and then gradually progress to the harder exercises. As always, remember to hydrate and refuel after.