15 minute cardio circuit workout

This workout focuses on cardio exercises in a short but hard 15-minute circuit.  It requires zero equipment so you can do this workout in a park, hotel room, or in your living room!

The workout: Each exercise will be performed for 40 seconds (the "on" phase), followed by 20 seconds of rest (the 'off' phase). There are 5 different exercises. Perform each exercise once, and then repeat the set two more times (for a total of 15 exercises). As this is a cardio circuit, 15 exercises should be performed without a break to keep your heart rate up the entire time. 

You might find it difficult to keep track of the time during the workout. Try having a family member of friend call out the time for you or download the interval timer app or the HIIT interval timer app to create a personalized interval stopwatch. 

The exercises (perform 3 times through):

1) Jumping jacks: This is a modified version of the classic exercise. 1) Start with your feet together and your hands at your side. 2) Jump and bring your feet out to the side as you bring your arms up and clap your hands above your head. 3) Bring your hands back down and your feet together to return to the starting position. 4) Jump and bring your feet out to the side as you clap your hands in front of your chest. 5) Repeat steps 1-4.

2) The mountain climber: 1) Start with your hands on the floor underneath your shoulders. One leg is bent with your foot underneath your torso. The other foot is straightened behind you with your toes on the ground. 2) Bring your rear foot forwards so it's underneath your torso as you simultaneously move your front foot back. 3) Repeat this motion as fast as you can. Easier option - Modified mountain climber: 1) Stand up straight with your feet around shoulder width apart but with one in front of the other. 2) Jump and bring your rear leg forward and your front leg back. 3) Repeat this as fast as you can. 

3) The skier: 1) Stand with your feet together and knees slightly bent. 2) Keeping your feet together, hop quickly from side to side keeping your upper body as still as possible. 

4) Butt kicks: 1) Keep your strides small as you run or you can just perform the exercise while staying in one spot. 2) On each stride, bring the foot of your back leg up towards your butt (so your heel is kicking your butt). 

5) Burpees: 1) Stand comfortably with feet narrower than shoulder width apart. 2) Bend at knees to bring hands beside feet. 3) Jump your feet out to land in plank position. 4) Jump feet back in to starting position. 5) Push off the ground explosively, bringing arms straight into the air as you jump up to return to starting position. 5) Repeat.

You did it! You might find that it's very difficult the first time you go through it but you'll feel stronger and more confident each time you do it. As always, remember to stretch, hydrate and refuel after.