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1. Calming down in the hours before you want to fall asleep is crucial.

2. The blue light from electronic devices affects the release of melatonin, the sleepy hormone.

3. If you’re on your devices late at night, this will affect your ability to fall asleep and your sleep quality.

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A recent study looked at the sleeping habits of NBA basketball players over several years. They found that when players tweeted late at night (when they should have been sleeping!), they didn’t perform as well the next day. They actually had a lower shooting percentage compared to the games when they weren’t up late the night before tweeting.

Remember how we discussed keeping your bedroom dark in order to get a good night sleep? Keeping your bedroom dark is great - but you also have to consider what you do BEFORE you’re trying to fall asleep.

This is because melatonin (the sleepy hormone) is affected by all kinds of light - especially the light that comes from screens. This means if you are up late on your computer, on your phone, or watching TV, you’re stopping melatonin from being released. It’s no wonder you can’t fall asleep after that.

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