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1. Dreams are our deepest and most dearly held hopes and aspirations. They have the power to inspire and consume us, capture our imagination, and create powerful change.

2. Dreams are more powerful than goals to fuel passion, and drive action and growth.

3. By dreaming BIG, then making small, consistent improvements, you can revolutionize your performance.


Fill in the “Dream Setting” exercise on page 26 of your Athlete Workbook.

Jot down some notes about what you want to be, do, or achieve. Once you’ve set your dreams and goals, tell people who you are close to.

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More on Dream Setting

Having worked with so many high-performance athletes during my career, I know one thing: promises and goals lack the power to change your life. We have to go bigger. We have to dream.

Dreams are more powerful than goals, despite goal setting being the traditional method for building motivation. They inspire us to new heights. Dreams are our deepest and most dearly held hopes and aspirations. Dreams capture our imagination. Dreams create extraordinary motivation and transformative change. They enable us to live differently.

Unfortunately some people think that setting dreams is somehow hokey or silly. It’s not. Dreams are a powerful and effective way to find the motivation you need to achieve more.

You need something that powers you to do more. You need dreams that can drive you to be better. Dreams give you a flame in your heart that ignites passion. If you think about what Olympic athletes look like when they win – exhilarated, thrilled, excited, energized – you will have an image of what the fulfillment of a dream can do for you. 

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