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1. Sleep doesn’t just help your body repair itself from that day’s workout. A good night sleep also allows you to perform better the next day.

2. Human Growth Hormone promotes fat breakdown and increases muscle mass. That’s right, we build muscle in our sleep!

3. Make sure you get a good night sleep so you can perform at your best the next day.


Fill in the “Sleep Diary” exercise on page 7 of your Athlete Workbook.

For the next week, keep a sleep diary. Log what you’re doing in the hours before you go to sleep and what your sleep is like that night (sleep duration, quality of sleep).


More on sleep and athletic performance

There is a reciprocal relationship between sleep and exercise. If you exercise regularly, you will be able to sleep well, and if you sleep properly, you will probably perform well during your next workout. We call this ‘Training with your eyes closed’.

One important process that occurs while you are sleeping is the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH promotes fat breakdown and increases in muscle mass, which allows the body to recover from the stresses that occur during training.

If you are sleep deprived and have less HGH in your system, not only will you restrict your body’s ability to recover while you are sleeping, but you will limit your ability to exercise the next day. So when you sleep your body repairs and heals itself and guess what – you’ll be able to exercise better the next day.

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