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Key points:

1. When athletes get into “The Zone” they are in a state where they are energized, motivated, focused, happy, and able to perform at their best.

2. You can learn to enter your own Zone on command if you take some time to understand your peak performance state.

3. The goal is to develop systems, routines, and skills that make your Zone available to you whenever you need it.

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More on the zone

Have you ever been completely focused and absorbed in your exercise only to emerge an hour later and realize you just did some of your best training? Or during a competition in which your mind quieted down and you were able to perform at a level you never knew you were capable of until that moment? 

“The Zone” is also known as the Ideal Performance State (IPS). When our activation is low, we lack motivation, interest and energy. When our activation is high, we are agitated, anxious, stressed or tense. But somewhere between these two activation states (either too activated or not activated enough) there lies the magical ideal performance state.

Unfortunately, these moments might seem rare and random. But if you follow certain steps, you can develop a deliberate process for getting into your Zone whenever you need to.

The information and advice provided in this program is intended to assist you with improving your performance, as well as your general health. It is intended to compliment your training plan and not instead of guidance from your coach. It should also not be used in place of advice from a doctor or for treatment or diagnosis of any specific health issue. By participating in this program you assume any risks, and that you release Impactic Sport from any responsibility or claim relating to such participation.