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1. Short bursts of stress allow you to function at a high level, both mentally and physically. This is great before a race or big game.

2. However, constant stress (from school, a busy schedule, a sick family member, etc.) can decrease your ability to perform.

3. The STOP Practice is a technique you can use whenever you feel overwhelmed by a stressful situation or situations.

Today’s Exercise: The STOP Practice

You can use this technique anytime you feel suffocated by the pressure of a situation:

STOP whatever you’re doing.

TAKE a breath or two.

OBSERVE your body and scan it for any tensions.

PROCEED. Carry on with life.

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More on Managing Stress

Short bursts of stress are essential for helping us to perform at a higher level, such as that adrenal rush you get right before a big race or game. You know the feeling. Your heart feels like it’s going to pound out of your chest. You feel like you’re buzzing and you're ready to rock. 

This is a good thing in short bursts. But elevated stress over long periods of time can cause your brain and body to get run down. It’s really hard to perform at your potential when you are constantly stressed.

If you are experiencing ongoing stress, try techniques such as the STOP practice to help you relieve it.

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