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By Dr. Sarah Gairdner


1. Elite athletes regularly use imagery to help them prepare for big events. This is commonly known as visualization.

2. By rehearsing the race, game, or performance in advance, you can increase your confidence when preparing for the big event.

Today’s Exercise: Ready, Set, Imagine!

Fill out the “Ready, Set, Imagine!” exercise on page 20 of your Athlete Workbook to visualize yourself succeeding.

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More on Visualization

If you’ve never practiced visualization before, there are two key things you should focus on:

1) The process. It is important to consider the process (e.g. the technical skills on the field of play, careful dribbling and passing)

2) The outcome. Think about what you would like to accomplish (e.g. completing a goal task successfully, winning the game)

You should focus on both of these aspects when using this technique to increase your confidence and improve your performance.

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