As we wrap up looking at the Zone and how we can get into flow states to optimize thinking and performing, let’s talk about being able to get into the Zone on demand.

If you follow these steps, you can develop a deliberate process for getting into your Zone whenever you need to.

Step 1: Your Zone Moment
Bring to mind what it feels like to be in a particular Zone. Single words are great. Pictures are okay too. Anything that reminds you of the actions, thoughts and feelings that happen during optimal performance in a particular situation.

Step 2: Act - Think - Feel
Zoom in. What exactly were you doing (body), thinking (mind) and feeling (emotions) before and during your flow performance? Write down any additional words that specifically describe your body, your mind and your emotions.

Step 3: Build Your Zone Routine
Identify three things that you can do to recreate your iconic past performance in the future. What thoughts and actions will move you closer to the state you described above?

The key is to build a picture of your ideal performance state so that you can trigger that state by acting like you did when you were in it. From there, the thoughts and feelings will follow. And if you get distracted and are acting in a way that isn’t optimal, take control. Make some changes. Breathe your way into it. Move differently, think differently, transition to a different emotional state.

The goal is to develop systems, routines and skills that make your Zones available to you whenever you need them.

Today's Power Up: Build Your Zone Routine

Build a process for establishing Zone routines that will get you into your ideal performance state. Use The Zone Workbook to build your routine.

Practice getting into the Zone / your flow state when you're training or preparing for a competition.

If you want some feedback on your Zone routine fill out the form below and we'll get right back to you!

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