As our Perform Better module comes to an end, I want to make a suggestion about how you proceed from here.

I believe that a key to living a world class life is to become a student of human performance. By that, I don’t mean you have to become a self-proclaimed exercise science geek like me. I just mean you should take an interest in what makes you tick so you can continue to build your knowledge long after this program ends.

The reason this is important has to do with the power of curiosity and learning. When we go through life with an interest in something, we are constantly looking for information about that subject.

Whatever interests you, you will follow it. That’s how desire works – we act on it. And if you develop a curiosity about how human beings perform, you can create an engine that will drive your improvement forever.

My advice is similar to what Walt Disney said about curiosity:


So take all of this learning and use it as a catalyst for becoming, at some level, a student of a healthy mind-body. It’s one way to ensure you live a long and successful life.

Everything in these components has been about your personal journey. Being 1% better every day isn’t about big, dramatic changes. You can’t leap ten miles at a time. You can’t move ahead to next week or next month or next year. All you can do is give this moment – this day – your full attention.

With one exception: your dream.

Make sure you are always thinking about your dream. Focus on it at all times. And then weave it into everything you do. That’s how it will become a reality, whether it's to be an Olympic athlete, an artist, a writer, an educator, or a business leader. 

It has been a pleasure spending this time with you. I’ve enjoyed your questions and comments and stories about your journey. I’ve heard a lot about your dreams and your challenges, and I’m grateful for that. One way of being 1% better every day is to learn from others, and I’m lucky to have learned so much from you. Thank you for participating and striving and sharing.

I wish you the very best on your journey!

Today's POWER-UP: Take the first step

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. 

Everyone – from the most decorated athlete to the simplest of folks – takes one step at a time to achieve their dream.