Using the pervasive power of media to move you toward your dream can help make success inevitable.

While training for the Ironman triathlon after being hospitalized with a heart infection, I needed to train early before my family woke up. Some mornings were tough – like heading out to run in the dark in February. One thing that helped me was a YouTube clip of the NBC Ironman show. I watched it all the time. It was motivating, exciting and effective when I just plain didn’t want to go.

Scientists and psychologists call it “The Media Psychology Effect,” which is the role that pictures, graphics, sounds, the Internet and what you read plays in your psychology. The effect can be good and bad, but if we are careful, we can capitalize on our brain’s tendency to change based on what we are exposed to. Choose the right media exposure and you can make new neural connections that will make you better at thinking, problem solving, concentrating and learning.

What media do you consume? What magazines do you subscribe to? What TV shows do you watch? What blogs do you read? What podcasts do you listen to? Every one of these choices will influence your health and performance. Consider dropping media from your list that isn’t positive and doesn’t move you forward. Do you really want to put stuff in your head that’s negative or deflating?

I’m into training and building a great business, so I subscribe to Runner’s World, Triathlete, Entrepreneur and Fast Company. Do an audit of what’s in your media environment and see if you can make some changes that will help you achieve your dreams!

Today's POWER-UP: Align your media with your goals and dreams

Today I'd like you to do a full media audit. What media do you consume? Think of who you follow on social media. What magazines do you subscribe to? What blogs do you read? What websites do you visit?

Then identify the media that you don’t think is helping you achieve your dreams and swap it for one content will inspire and inform you – like a new magazine subscription, a new blog or a new podcast.

For those that you don't think are moving your forward, cancel your subscriptions, unfollow on social and clean out your web-browser bookmarks. Get rid of any and all negative influences on your mindset, healthset, and soulset.