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1. The final key to mastering your morning is to increase activity.

2. Physical activity is strongly correlated with mental functioning and positive mood.

3. Starting your day with some exercise is an ideal way to get your blood and brain moving, ensuring you arrive for work sharp and focused.

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Starting the day with a workout is an ideal way to get your brain waves and blood flowing. Exercising in the morning floods your brain with brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which stimulates the growth of new neurons to facilitate learning and memory. Exercise also activates the part of your brain associated with creativity and problem solving. It makes you sharper and more capable of concentration.

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There are many ways you can incorporate physical activity into your day; a daily trip to the gym is great for many people, but even a quick walk outside or some stretching as soon as you get out of bed can make a big difference. If it helps, add some accountability by finding a partner or group to walk with each morning. It’s always easier to stick to your workout plans if someone else is relying on your participation.

If necessary, plan workouts into your day. Put them on your calendar. This way, you’ll be less likely to skip or forget them. This is particularly important if you travel. It’s easy to use a new location or time change to avoid exercise. Remember the benefits, and make it a regular priority. Exercise is one of the most-researched topics with some of the strongest evidence of efficacy, yet it is seldom embraced by business leaders as an important element of employee well-being and productivity.

We are not at our best when we feel weighed down. A regular exercise routine will give you more energy as you begin to feel healthier and more active. Physical health feeds mental health and increases your ability to focus. Do whatever is necessary to ensure your health is optimal to start the day.

Today’s Habit: Morning routine

How is your morning routine going? Maybe you played around with the order, or maybe you found other activities that worked better for you. If you haven’t figured out your ultimate morning routine yet, that’s okay! This week, try it out again. Remember to make a checklist as you go through each activity.

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