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1. The first step is educating the employees about what the program is and is not.

2. Take time to figure out the why - why are we doing this? Why is this important? Why are we trying to achieve these things?

3. Once everyone has a shared clear vision, they will be more likely to get on board and stick with the program.

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“Success is a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day.” - Jim Rohn

The first step you must take before even starting the program is making sure everybody is on board with it. Have the representatives who are running the program present it to management first, and make sure they understand exactly what the program and its goals are. Educate the board so all members know what’s happening. Get all higher-ups prepared for the change so there is company-wide understanding of what’s coming.

They must understand we’re not trying to squeeze more blood out of the stone. We’re saying the stone’s not working well. Employees are getting sick, burned out, overweight, and stressed because of the way they are living and working outside and inside the workplace. By introducing this new way of working, we can change all of that and create more productive, efficient employees.

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The single most important thing to start with is a shared, clear vision of the future. There is great value in identifying motivations behind actions and helping everyone to see the bigger picture. When you take time to figure out the why, you are better equipped to overcome any challenges to the new way of doing things that might arise in your life or workplace. Tell employees why you are doing this. If you’re clear about why you are going to do this, everyone will feel more motivated to get on board.

I'd like you to look back on the dream and goal setting that we did at the beginning of the program.

Then I'd like you to dive into your work a bit deeper. Take a look at your dreams and goals and then ask yourself why? Why do you want to achieve those things? Then ask again. Go deeper. Get to the root of why you want what you want.

For example, when I was in high school I wanted to make the Olympics in swimming. But at the deepest level I loved to be in the water. Annalise Carr swam across Lake Ontario at 13 years of age, and at the deepest level that was to raise money for a cancer camp.

If you can find the deep reasons why you do things you will be absolutely unstoppable.

You can use the Start with Why section of The Dream Setting Workbook. Or you can fill out the form below to send me your notes. 

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Consider your dreams and goals for a moment. Really bring them to life in your mind. Then ask yourself “WHY?” 5 times in a row. That helps you to get deep quickly on what your real motivations are.

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