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1. Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to help improve attentional control, problem solving, concentration, and creativity.

2. There are also many health benefits to mindfulness, including lower levels of stress and lower blood pressure.

3. This week, encourage employees to take up a meditation practice, if they’re not already doing so. There are many apps and tools that can help them get started such as Headspace, Calm, the Muse headband, or the Breathe app on Apple Watch.

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Mindfulness can be just as important as physical activity. Even five minutes a day spent controlling your attention and allowing your mind to relax has incredible benefits. It can lower stress, anxiety, depression, and incidence of chronic disease; it can also increase focus and concentration. It is one of the most powerful things humans can do to improve mental health and performance.

Many of the leaders who are revolutionizing the business world right now practice some form of meditation. There are many resources available for those looking to introduce meditation into their daily lives. I recommend, (both also available as smartphone apps), the Muse headband, or the Breathe app on Apple Watch.

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Meditation has direct benefits on both the structure and function of the brain. Just as you would lift weights to build and strengthen your muscles, you can use meditation to build and strengthen your brain. This will allow you to control and sharpen your mind, ultimately making you more creative.

Mindfulness can also be used to help deal with stress and find confidence in the most intense situations. Just taking deeper breaths for about 60 seconds is a very effective way of regulating stress because it activates the parasympathetic response in the body, which signals to the emotional centres of the brain that it’s time to calm down.

By introducing this concept to employees, you can again expect them to decrease their workday by another thirty minutes. By practicing mindfulness, their ability to control their attention for the rest of the day improves dramatically. They are distracted less and able to focus more deeply. A little bit of training results in an exponential return in terms of productivity.

The information and advice provided in this program is intended to assist you with improving your performance, as well as your general health. It is not intended and should not be used in place of advice from your own physician or for treatment or diagnosis of any specific health issue. By participating in this program you acknowledge that undertaking any new health, diet and/or exercise regime involves certain inherent risks, that you assume such risks, and that you release The Wells Group Inc. from any responsibility or claim relating to such participation.