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1. We naturally have a circadian rhythm, an internal biological clock that regulates sleep, eating patterns, mood, hormone regulation, and everything your body does during the day.

2. Because of this internal clock, there are times when we feel more awake, have a spike in energy, or are able to concentrate better. Alternatively, there are times when we feel more sleepy or lethargic. 

3. Help employees take advantage of their circadian rhythm to optimize health and performance, and build their ultimate day.

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Humans all have circadian rhythms. We’re naturally responsive to a light-dark cycle that occurs with the sun and the moon. Every human has certain times during the day when they are going to be more alert and able to concentrate better. The peak performance window for a lot of people is typically about three to four hours during the day, and that varies for each person.

Ask people to think about when during the day they naturally and easily do their best work, and encourage them to work those hours. Remember, for some, that might mean working outside the normal nine-to-five. Some people excel in the mornings; some people are more nocturnal. As long as it does not interfere with the day-to-day function and productivity of the company, employees should be able to work when they work best.

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Working at your ideal time while devoid of distraction sets the stage for entering flow, that time and space when we have plenty of energy, we’re focused, we’re excited, we’re engaged, work is easy, and time becomes irrelevant.

Once people know when they will work, they must commit to staying on task. They should turn off:

  • All computer notifications

  • Email

  • Social media alerts

  • Phone ringers

They can close their doors, if possible, or put a sign up that says, “Deep focused. Please help me concentrate.” They can do whatever it takes to completely shut out distractions so they can focus on single tasks during their devoted work time.

Leading your team through a process of understanding their own circadian rhythm is a simple and powerful basis for helping them work more efficiently. When they understand the times that they are most productive, they can then implement systems to protect that time and optimize the value of time at work and in their personal lives. This will elevate the overall value of everything the organization does.

The information and advice provided in this program is intended to assist you with improving your performance, as well as your general health. It is not intended and should not be used in place of advice from your own physician or for treatment or diagnosis of any specific health issue. By participating in this program you acknowledge that undertaking any new health, diet and/or exercise regime involves certain inherent risks, that you assume such risks, and that you release The Wells Group Inc. from any responsibility or claim relating to such participation.